The project

The project will address environmental, health and productivity challenges faced by small scale rice farmers in Suriname’s coastal communities Nickerie, which are caused by current practices of fertilizer and pesticide application

The problems

  • Release more pesticide then necessary
  • No aerial service (cost are too high)
  • Backpack sprayers not efficient because of chemical drift and high exposure to chemical

The solution and innovation

The project seeks to address this problem by piloting electrostatic spraying using agricultural drones for small scale farmers. Drones are a cheaper alternative to conventional aircraft and are well suited to the terrain of small-scale rice farms

Drones versus Spraying


40-53 hectares/day

Strong adaptability.
Not effected by mountain, hilly terrain and paddy field.

Pesticide utilization efficiency:
15%-35% pest control efficiency more than traditional plant conservation ways, effective utilization of pesticides up to more than 85%.

Water consumption per hectare:
Adapt high pressure atomized spray system, the fog particles is much smaller.the water can be saved up to 90%


0.8-2 hectares/day

Crop, flower and fruit are easily damaged, trampled or dropped by human. Some high stem crops are difficult in spraying.

Pesticide utilization efficiency:
Only about 30% of pesticides are used effectively, the other 70% of pesticides do not play a role in pest control, but cause serious pollution on the ecological environment

Water consumption per hectare:
Traditional immersion jet spraying, resulting in waste of water, and most of the pesticides lost into the soil along with water.


Baseline and Farmer Engagement.

  • This component will focus on establishment of field stations in Nickerie
  • Given low levels of organization Green Wings will engage farmers in collaboration with ADRON

Technical Service Delivery.

  • This component will include delivery of electrostatic spraying of rice fields using agricultural drones working closely with farmers and ADRON and other agricultural agencies such as CARDI and IICA

Scaling and Sustainability.

  • This component will include an assessment of the results and broader impact of the project
  • These results will inform a case study on the project for dissemination through local regional agricultural technology institutions and forums to encourage horizontal scaling in other rice producing countries

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